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Contact Beverly Biggs
0402 639754   or
Email me at cooncastle@gmail.com
Melbourne, Australia.

Registered Breeder with GCCFV. 
Small in home cattery breeding big, beautiful, healthy, house raised           Maine Coon kitten's.

All our breeding cat's are DNA tested for HCM and kitten's are suppiled with copies of their parent's and grandparent's test result's.


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Zoe Cordwelll | Reply 08.09.2014 22.05

I'm looking for a new family edition! Do you you have any kittens to adopt please? Zoe

Lara h | Reply 08.09.2014 20.16

I am interested in one of your kittens do you have any?

Bobby | Reply 26.08.2014 23.41

Hi there
I am interested in Main Coon kitten joining our family. Do you have any kittens available?
Many thanks

Allison Collier | Reply 19.08.2014 13.48

Hi, can you please put me on the waiting list for a male kitten.
Thanks n regards
Allison Collier

Ahmad Sulaiman | Reply 18.08.2014 14.25

Hi, are you shipping out maine coon kitten to Brunei Darussalam? How much is the price?

Arthur Pedis | Reply 03.08.2014 20.46

Hi I am looking to purchase a Main coon kitten if you have any for sale?
Regards Arthur.

Ben | Reply 16.07.2014 15.47

Hi Beverly, i am inquiring if you will have any kittens ready to go in late nov, early dec i love big friendly fluffy lap cats so was thinking main coon

alison | Reply 16.07.2014 09.03

Hi Beverly, just letting you know my boy is growing really quick, and he is just a wonderful friend, very funny and loving, also playful, i cant thankyou enough

Janelle | Reply 17.06.2014 09.10

Hi , I am interested in getting a kitten.. Can I have prices plz

Joel | Reply 05.06.2014 13.01

Hi I have been browsing your website. I am interested in a black silver colouration. With more emphasis on the silver.

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27.09 | 22:51

What is the total price of a kitten please. I have been looking for a Maine coon kitten for ages. Not to show or breed, just to love.

22.09 | 14:30

Hi, do you sell any adult Maine coons?

20.09 | 22:17

Please advise total purchase price of a kitten for both sexes

17.09 | 22:35

Hi there,
Would it be possible to reserve a male kitten from the next litter. Happy to leave a deposit.

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