The Queens of the Castle.
PAST and PRESENT Queens!
Solid blue tortie.

Brown classic tabby & white. 

Black Silver classic tabby.


Red classic tabby and white.

Blue classic tabby & white.

Odd eyed white.


Black Smoke.

Brown tortie classic tabby & white.

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Marc | Reply 31.01.2018 04.49

You have the most beautiful Maine coons I have seen, I would love to bring one into my family,if u have any kittens ,could u please let me know,I live in melb,t

dessie Kocher | Reply 06.07.2017 21.21

Hi I am interested in a Maine Coon in brown or black Did have a white maine coon many years ago

Chris | Reply 08.05.2017 13.24

Hi from Chris. I. Am very interested in a kitten from Chanel or gizzy.. I own my home and my animal family live by day in an enclosed garden run

Kylie | Reply 30.04.2017 02.39

Hi ,l would love a retiree if you decide for any to go to there 2nd forever home

debbie | Reply 19.04.2017 07.33

Hi there, I would be interested in a female solid blue or blue and silver if you have a kitten available now or in the future. I live in tasmania.

Beck | Reply 29.03.2017 22.38

Hi Beverly! I am Interested in a kitten from the Phantom & Marnie cross - looking for a male.

Many thanks

Leonie | Reply 13.02.2017 19.13

Hi. Do you only sell kittens or do you have any adults avaliable? I have had a maine coon male before but am interested in a female

Helen | Reply 10.02.2017 11.50

Hi Beverly I have long wanted a Maine Coon to share my house, ideally a kitten with the red tabby colouring, but any colour would be fine.

Kelly | Reply 30.12.2015 13.15

Hi, Will Amelia be having a litter soon? I would love a Tortie Smoke male kitten.

Bernice | Reply 04.08.2015 20.29

Do you have any kittens with Marnie or Gabby as the queen and if so who were they paired with.

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02.09 | 18:31

I didn’t realise my message was going below. Why can’t I edit or remove or so my adds isn’t there?

02.09 | 18:29

Hello, I’m looking to get a Maine coon kitten, could you please help me? How does the process work?And is their a future litter planned?

29.08 | 17:28

Hi Beverley, I am in need of a stud service for my beautiful blue eyed white 11 month old girl.Can you please let me know if you allow outside stud service?

15.08 | 21:44

Great chattery, love your Maine Coons. Please let me know of future kittens.

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