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Written by Fei on 19. Aug, 2022
Hi Beverley, great photos of your cattery and your beautiful cats. Thank you!
Written by Pia on 21. Aug, 2021
This is Theodore now 3
Written by David & Yana Robinson on 2. May, 2021
Hey Bev just wanted to say hello and give you an update on Ragnar. He is 9 years old now still acts like a kitten we love him to pieces thanks for giving us an awesome furball.
Written by Fab jones on 30. Dec, 2019
Hi Beverly, this is “little kitty” now 1. She is such a lovely girl and the best family girl.
Written by Mandie on 15. Nov, 2019
My handsome Coon Castle boy Bruce with his rescue sister Tinny. These two are inseparable and bring so much joy to our home!
Written by Faye on 23. Jul, 2019
Beautiful Snow, she is a joy.
Written by Lily on 27. Mar, 2019
Blaze at 2 years
Written by Chantelle on 23. Nov, 2018
Elli at 9 months old! She’s absolutely beautiful and thinks she is a lion 😉 Super intelligent, my little shadow! She is pretty much a dog trapped in a cats body haha! She even growls when she hears someone knocking! Love her to bits!
Written by Bernardine on 16. Oct, 2018
Dexter at 21months and 9.5 kg.
The most amazing boy so placid 💕
Written by Aubrey on 16. Oct, 2018
Nice site ! Very interesting ! Thanks for share.
Written by Di and Noel on 18. Feb, 2018
Written by Di & Noel (Neo) on 18. Feb, 2018
Written by Di and Noel on 18. Feb, 2018
Here are our three beautiful Cooncastle kittys. Thali (22 months, 6.25kg) Neo (16 months, 7.8kg and Miss Polly (4 months, 2.7kg).
Written by Emma Hayward on 8. Feb, 2018
Cougar, she is nearly two years old now, and we she is so wonderful, such a gentle loving playful girl
Written by Diane Fletcher on 20. Dec, 2017
Benji boy my gorgeous cooncastle boy.

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08.09 | 10:22

Hello Beverley,
Zebedee has been just perfect, boss of the dogs and also of the humans (5am wake-ups), VERY affectionate - thank you!

31.07 | 12:57

Beverley. Just an update. Griffie is coming up to two years old and he is the big, beautiful smoocher that you said he would be. Best cat ever. 😍

14.07 | 08:43

I would be very interested in purchasing a kitten from you. Crystal Elford speaks very highly of your kittens and yourself. I

03.02 | 00:40

Hi do you board maine coons?
Where abouts are you located?