The Kings of the Castle!
Our Boys.
Very excited to introduce our new Import - Phantom.
So looking forward to seeing this impressive boys offspring.
Phantom - 8 months old.
Phantom - 10 months.
Cooncastle Hanky Panky.
Blue solid.

Cooncastle Hanky Panky - 10 weeks.
Hank - 5 months.

Hank - 5 months.
Ulysses - New Zealand import.


Ulysses @ 1year. (AKA - Smoka)
Smoka at 9 months.
Smoka @ 2years.

Jeremiah - New Zealand import.

Our beautiful big boy Jerry will be retiring very soon...looking forward to having him as a full time lap/bed cat!! 💗💟💖

UPDATE  July 2016 - The lovable Jerr Bear has now been desexed and is totally enjoying his retirement!

Jerry @ 7 months.


Jerry just turned 3!
Jerry at 3 years of age.
Jerry loving retirement, in his dog size bed!

Wild William -
Brown classic tabby & white.


Wild Willy @ 8 months old.

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Karen Bernabo | Reply 29.08.2018 17.28

Hi Beverley, I am in need of a stud service for my beautiful blue eyed white 11 month old girl.Can you please let me know if you allow outside stud service?

Marc | Reply 31.01.2018 04.46

I love the look and colour of hank,any chance you might have kittens looking like him coming up,thanks marc

Rosanne Sabiston | Reply 02.10.2017 17.28

We love Hanky Panky. Looks like he is producing a litter this spring? We would be very interested in adopting a mini Hank this year. Please contact us. Thx

Mark Davies | Reply 26.09.2017 17.06

HI I would love male kitten like Smoka

aiden tunupopo | Reply 23.06.2017 20.49

afternoon ,

i would really like a kitten that looks like
Cooncastle Hanky Panky.
Blue solid.

is he breeding yet ?

Paul | Reply 30.05.2017 16.52


Just about to lose my beautiful Maggie after 19.5 years. I'm very keen to have a MC in my life, would be grateful for a reply.

Warm regards,

Sara Brown | Reply 23.04.2017 20.17

I would love to get a male kitten in smoke, black and white or brown classic tabby.
Could you let me know when you might have one available?

Tarren Roth-Weiss | Reply 15.09.2016 20.07

I am a registered MCO breeder of blue solid & blue-smoke from Bavaria, Germany. Wow, Hank is gorgeous! Got friends in Oz wanting MC. E.mail U soon. Regards Taß

Michelle Orr | Reply 06.09.2016 21.39

Hi Beverly, Phantom is DIVINE! So majestic. I want to cuddle him and bow in his presence haha Can't wait to see his offspring! :) Cheers, hopeful adoptive mum

Janette Strazdins | Reply 25.08.2016 14.15

Can you please let me know when you have a new batch of kittens available

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02.09 | 18:31

I didn’t realise my message was going below. Why can’t I edit or remove or so my adds isn’t there?

02.09 | 18:29

Hello, I’m looking to get a Maine coon kitten, could you please help me? How does the process work?And is their a future litter planned?

29.08 | 17:28

Hi Beverley, I am in need of a stud service for my beautiful blue eyed white 11 month old girl.Can you please let me know if you allow outside stud service?

15.08 | 21:44

Great chattery, love your Maine Coons. Please let me know of future kittens.

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