Welcome to Cooncastle,

Contact Beverly.
0402 639754   or
Email me at cooncastle@gmail.com
Melbourne, Australia.

Registered Breeder with GCCFV.

Small in home cattery breeding big, beautiful, quality, house raised Maine Coon kitten's.

Katie 08.09.2022 10:22

Hello Beverley,
Zebedee has been just perfect, boss of the dogs and also of the humans (5am wake-ups), VERY affectionate - thank you!

Leanne 31.07.2022 12:57

Beverley. Just an update. Griffie is coming up to two years old and he is the big, beautiful smoocher that you said he would be. Best cat ever. ๐Ÿ˜

Kim 26.07.2020 01:15

Our family have decided to expand and we would love to get a Maine Coon to join us. Please advise me of when you are going to have some kittens availabl

Rocco 08.04.2020 02:57

Hi Iโ€™m looking to buy a Maine coon kitten do you have any litters coming up ?

Cooper Drews 26.11.2019 10:58

Hey I'm looking for a multi coloured main coon kitten want long ears if possible

Coral Webb 22.08.2019 01:47

Hi Beverley, Iโ€™m just wondering if you have any kittens for sale or coming up?
Iโ€™m looking for a male, I have a massive enclosure . Pakenham area.

Windy 07.07.2019 07:47

Hi Im looking for a silver one to add to our little family with my little boy Ragdoll ๐Ÿ˜

Sue Diamond 21.03.2019 05:59

Looking for a cat or kitten for my daughter in law. Sue Diamond

Jeanie Goodger 15.03.2019 05:16

Hi there, my husband & I are looking to but a smoke or blue male Maine coon & was wondering if you had any ,or had any coming up by any chance. Thank you.

Sharon Lindsay 26.02.2019 10:28

If this young lady is gone, could we be considered for one of the next litters please Beverly ? Cheers Sharon

Rhia Taane 30.01.2019 05:43

Looking for a black/smoke to add to our little family ๐Ÿ˜

Katie 11.08.2018 02:09

I feel like Hank and Gabby would make beautiful babies ๐Ÿ˜
Weโ€™re looking forward to becoming coon parents in the spring and Cooncastle looks like the place to be

Beverly 23.07.2018 11:49


Rob 17.04.2018 09:42

Hi was wondering do you have kittens for sale at the moment

Maddison 24.03.2018 05:26

Hi, just wondering when you are expecting your next lot of kittens?

patrick 12.02.2018 20:14

Love and fear at once- I love it(thanks a lot). Want a bigpond support at your door, call us 1800-021-482. https://www.bigpondtechnicalsupportaustralia.com/

Jessica 21.01.2018 03:12

And how old is she now? Xo

Jessica 21.01.2018 03:11

Hi just wondering when you will be expecting your next litter? I have been interested in getting a main coon for years. Also is the grey kitten still available?

Carly 31.12.2017 02:55

We are seeking a Maine Coon kitten or maybe even an older MC. Are you able to help us? Best Regards, Carly Melbourne

Carly de Greef 31.12.2017 02:52


We are seeking a Maine Coon kitten or maybe even an older MC.

Are you able to help us?

Best Regards,


Barbara 02.12.2017 06:27

Dear Beverly, I would love to buy a Maine Coon kitten or a senior cat. I mind my daughters Persian occasionally and would love my own cat to spoil and groom.

Chris 02.12.2017 06:00

Hi there, looking into getting a male Maine Coon hopefully mid next year. Just wondering how I would get onto your waiting list. Thank you!

Pattison 09.10.2017 00:16

G'day. I've only owned two cats in my life. First one lived to be 18, and my one remaining cat is now 17yo. Both rescue kittens. Now want a Maine Coon.

Monique 24.08.2017 08:39

Hi i would like some information about up coming litters and prices please

Ally Marfull 20.08.2017 10:38

Hi, my fiance and I are on the hunt for a female Maine Coon. Do you have any available or any litters coming up in the future? Kind regards, Ally

Kim Carm 10.08.2017 08:33

Our family is wanting to have one of these Majestic beauties as part of our family

Linda Taylor 04.08.2017 03:09

Hi, we are wanting to buy a beautiful Maine Coon kitten, and would like to be contacted or placed on a waiting list. Thanks

Maggie day 01.08.2017 13:11

Hello I would like to know how to be placed on a list for a kitten please

Hope shipston 08.07.2017 03:34

Hi Beverly my name is hope I am extremely interested in adding an Maine coon kitten to our family, would love to hear back from you. Kindest regards hope :)

Susie Johnston 24.06.2017 22:42

Hi Beverley

I sent you an email enquiring about your Maine coon kittens.
More than happy to provide you with information about our family.

Jo Price 10.05.2017 10:48

Interested in young cats available SeptemberJo

Wasim Riyaz 10.05.2017 08:52


My Name is wasim and I currently live in Sri Lanka. I have loved and grown up with cats all my life. as a kid i got my first persian at the age of 6 and adopted 3 more after sadly all of them passed away my youngest male Garfild passed a way 5 year

Leandra Camp 08.05.2017 11:33

Enquiring about upcoming litters available, Kind Regards Leandra Camp

Jet overgaauw 27.04.2017 09:43

Interested in purchasing Maine coon kitten please
Male or female, though male preferred

chris Noala Garde 18.04.2017 10:54

Hi from chris at phillip island. I am interested in adopting and purchasing a maine coon kitten. I have labradoodles and ragdolls but plenty of time and love.

Lexie 04.04.2017 02:10

Hi, from an avid cat lover. I sadly farewelled my cat, a beautiful Oriental named Khan, last year. I'm ready for a new cat. Preferably male. Don't mind the age.

Rebecca Barker 31.03.2017 23:14

Hi, l was just wondering if you ever have or hear of any adults that need to be rehomed please . Rebecca

Michelle Sieben 09.03.2017 03:43

Hi Beverly, Iam interested in a Maine Coon kitten, what prices range and availability and if there is a waiting list. Thankyou Kind regards

Sue 21.02.2017 09:30

Hi Beverly,I'm interested in a maine coon male not sure what you have at the moment but what sort of price range would i be looking at and pictures please thank

MARY JOESPH 11.02.2017 07:37

Hi beverly, just wondering if jerry is for sale!
Would it be suitable to have him around 8-12 kids and 4 adults?

MARY JOESPH 11.02.2017 07:38

Would you sell him for 150-300 including food and a bed

sammy 31.01.2017 06:13

hi Beverly looking for a male silver early next year. Could you please email me information etc waiting list, cost.

thank you kindly

Vicki 29.01.2017 20:58

Hi Beverly, your cats are gorgeous!i am interested in adopting a kitten next spring . Preferably a grey male- could you please tell me what the adoption fee is?

Jodi 24.01.2017 22:00

Hi... I am interested and I wonder how much for the kitten and do you have dark colour cats? Availability? Thanks.

Eugene 19.01.2017 03:36

Hi just wondering if any kittens are available or when.Could you please tell me the price and whether they are tested against hip disease etc.

Dianne Sides 11.01.2017 00:05

Hi Beverley,
Love your website, your cats look amazing. We are interested in learning a bit about Maine Coon cats and maybe have one join our family

Marie 26.12.2016 11:57

I am interested in Maine Coon kittens what are their price range and do you know of any breeders Adelaide
Kind regards marie

Stephanie 18.12.2016 07:17

Enquiring about Maine coon kittens or adults available?

Elizabeth McNeill 16.12.2016 01:40

hello, I am interested in purchasing a maine coon kitten. i would appreciate discussing this with you. thanks.

kevin murphy 09.12.2016 02:56

Interested in purchasing a maine coon kitten gender not important do you have anything available,when are your litters due,and is there a waiting list?

Susan Ryan 21.11.2016 23:45

Do you have any retored studs grey.in colour. We lost our old ?grey cat aged 18. I don't mind if they are ovet 10 just want an easy going buddy for kitty. Thx

Jessica Buckley 15.11.2016 01:35

Would very much like a Black or a black smoke female kitten.

jenn 13.10.2016 07:30

Very interested in purchasing a kitten, would appreciate any updates when you can.

Atholie 24.09.2016 12:45

I was wondering when your next litter is due. I am interested in a male Maine Coon. Thank you. Atholie

Katie 17.09.2016 02:47

Hi there, just hoping to enquire about one of your babies.
When is your next litter due? Thanks Katie ๐Ÿฑ

Anita 16.09.2016 16:26

my kitty has teckntly oassed and i waant a kitto
thank you

Poppy 16.09.2016 16:17

I was wondering if you have any kittens to be sold as I am grieving for my passed cat. I would like a black or grey Maine coon. Thanx Poppyโค๏ธ

Anna 10.09.2016 10:53

Beverley can't seem to contact you can you text me please

Ronni Adam 07.09.2016 11:25

Hi Beverly
Can you tell me what sort of babies you are expecting, will you have any brown classic makrel tabby and white, would you be at the Melbourne show

Alex 18.08.2016 10:41

About 1 year ago my family bought a kitten here called Sacha.
He is sooooooo adorable and cheeky,
We all love our little kitten (not so little anymore!)

Pip 18.08.2016 10:05

Hi Beverly, do you have any kittens available now? And how much?
Regards Pip

Rachelle Beulke 17.08.2016 16:55

Hi Beverly
I am looking for a beautiful Main Coon to join our family.. Wondering when the next litter is available.??
Kind regards

Jessica 18.07.2016 08:41

Hi Beverley, I am looking to find a kitten for my family and home. I would love to get in contact with you. To discuss when you anticipate the next litter. Thnx

trent 05.06.2016 11:28

Hi I'm just wondering how much and where you are located

Glenn Geraghty 31.05.2016 07:51

Hi Beverly,
My family would like to make one of your kittens part of our family, could you please contact me to discuss.
Kind Regards,

Esabel 19.05.2016 07:32

Hi Beverly
I would love to own one! Please would you advise the cost.
Thank you

Finn 12.04.2016 10:52

I live in clifton springs vic

Finn 12.04.2016 10:50

Hi I'm interested in getting a kitten for my mums birthday. Where are you located and how much are they

Rachel 22.03.2016 03:18

Hi there, ive never owned a cat before but love this breed. could you help me or guide me on the selection process just for a family pet?

Kylie flak 20.02.2016 05:31

Hi Beverly, my name is Kylie and I'm looking at getting a orange mail kitten desexed when one comes around. I currently have 3 domestic cats ages 16.5, 14 and 6

Bev 08.02.2016 11:57

Sorry if you haven't received a reply from Cooncastle recently - trouble with email, please email me at cooncastle@gmail.com rather than commenting here ๐Ÿ˜ŠBev

Roslynt 08.02.2016 09:29

Hi Beverly i emailed you a couple of weeks ago just wondering if you got it ? Than k s regards ros

Tahnee 05.02.2016 10:24

Hi Beverly, recently emailed you. Was hoping that you received it. Thanks

Carmen 04.02.2016 03:01

Thank you so much for Tigra,has been settled very well

tahlia 11.01.2016 06:40

hi im looking for a kitten because i have lost my last cat to old age and was wondering how much they would be

Sally 09.01.2016 22:08

I was wondering if you have any kittens available and how much

David minutolo 13.12.2015 11:57

Hey looking for a ginger manie coon kitten do u have any available? And how much? Thank you

Robyn 17.10.2015 00:42

Hi Bev, we have recently just lost our beloved ginger Maine Coone and I am interested in getting another kitten , but another colour. .Would love to see photos

Nikki 28.09.2015 06:11

Hey Bev! My family is looking to adopt a kitten, doesn't matter what colour, we were just wondering how much they'd be and if you could email me some info. :)

Fran 17.09.2015 03:03

Hi bev. I have recently lost my Mainecoon boy to cancer. I'm very interested in getting another boy, a red boy would be fantastic. Will u have any available.

Carmen 10.08.2015 11:15

Hi ,how much do you sell your kittens a boy or girl ,but a grey color thanks .

Helen 12.06.2015 09:54

Hi, I am looking to adopt a kitten and am wondering when your next available kitten may be due. How many litters per year do you breed?

Thank you,

Ben 22.02.2015 09:46

I am Interested in a male kitten kitten, do you have any available and what are your prices?

kathy Novakovic 25.01.2015 04:55

Hello am interested in purchasing a male kitten , Do you have any at this time . If not when is your next litter du. You have beautiful cats.

jess lovell 22.01.2015 13:16

Hello I'm interested in a kitten if you have any available a male is preferred:)

Linda Phillips 01.01.2015 12:54

Hello I am just curious to a total price of a kitten. Thanks

Nicole 15.12.2014 11:00

Good evening,
We are looking to introduce a beautiful big boy kitten to our family home.
I would appreciate any info regarding any upcoming male kittens.

rose landells 19.11.2014 07:37

hi Beverly hope you got my email thanks rose 0478583997

Amanda 18.11.2014 04:38

Maine Coone kitten/cat wanted for love &
companionship for my family which includes Guide Dog Puppies. Cat preferred must be insurable (health wise). Amanda

Dicle Erkan 03.10.2014 18:30

Hi I'm very interested in haveimg a Maine coon join our family for my little

Zoe Cordwelll 08.09.2014 14:05

I'm looking for a new family edition! Do you you have any kittens to adopt please? Zoe

Lara h 08.09.2014 12:16

I am interested in one of your kittens do you have any?

Bobby 26.08.2014 15:41

Hi there
I am interested in Main Coon kitten joining our family. Do you have any kittens available?
Many thanks

Allison Collier 19.08.2014 05:48

Hi, can you please put me on the waiting list for a male kitten.
Thanks n regards
Allison Collier

Ahmad Sulaiman 18.08.2014 06:25

Hi, are you shipping out maine coon kitten to Brunei Darussalam? How much is the price?

Arthur Pedis 03.08.2014 12:46

Hi I am looking to purchase a Main coon kitten if you have any for sale?
Regards Arthur.

Ben 16.07.2014 07:47

Hi Beverly, i am inquiring if you will have any kittens ready to go in late nov, early dec i love big friendly fluffy lap cats so was thinking main coon

alison 16.07.2014 01:03

Hi Beverly, just letting you know my boy is growing really quick, and he is just a wonderful friend, very funny and loving, also playful, i cant thankyou enough

Janelle 17.06.2014 01:10

Hi , I am interested in getting a kitten.. Can I have prices plz

Joel 05.06.2014 05:01

Hi I have been browsing your website. I am interested in a black silver colouration. With more emphasis on the silver.

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Hello Beverley, Zebedee has been just perfect, boss of the dogs and also of...

31.07 | 12:57

Beverley. Just an update. Griffie is coming up to two years old and he...

14.07 | 08:43

I would be very interested in purchasing a kitten from you. Crystal Elford s...

03.02 | 00:40

Hi do you board maine coons? Where abouts are you located?