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 UPDATE - September  2017,



Update 4/12/16.

New gorgeous bubs have arrived recently, more info coming soon, but please feel free to contact me in the meantime!

Sorry have been rather busy lately and haven't had chance to update this page...

COLORS AVAILABLE - red tabbies, red smoke, black, black/white, solid white, black silver tabby/white.

Update June - COONCASTLE  has welcomed our latest litter on the 21st of June. It's with a very heavy heart that I announce that their poor beautiful mum Fluffy passed away a few days after a cesarean due to internal bleeding - unfortunately by the time she showed any signs of distress/illness she was critically unwell, we tried our very best to save her and tried everything - even a blood transfusion from sister Gabby so sadly she was just to unwell to undergo another operation.

So currently I'm hand raising/bottle feeding these 10 babies....yes you read correctly 10, so please bear with me during this very sad & extremely busy time if enquiring about kittens.

I'm determined to see ALL these babies thrive and go on to live a healthly, happy life in honor of their mother! 

We have made it to the 2 week mark...with a few bumps along the way,  but so far the 4 girls 6 boys are all doing ok. 

UPDATE - 14/7/16, we have successfully made it to 3 weeks with all 10 still going strong...will be very happy to see these guys eating solids - not long now!!

UPDATE - 19/7/16, Hooray all bubs have made it to 4 weeks of age today and are doing well. They will be starting on some soilds very soon.

Love these special little guys ❤❤

**NEWS UPDATE** - 24/7/16, just want to say a huge thanks to everyone that has sent me such kind & caring messages over the past few weeks, it has been so lovely and very uplifting!!  I have taken care of these 10 babies entirely on my own!...along with all my others cats,  so it's been a massive & very tiring job...but very rewarding now they've all made it to this point.

Also missing out on joining my children and partner on our first Holiday in 4yrs to Qld was abit upsetting, but on the other hand it gave me the chance to give the babies my full attention in those very early days!

Have posted a photo below of a few babies - when they turned 4 weeks. There are a couple of smaller bubs....but once they start eating solids they will soon catch up 🙂

UPDATED 29/7/16 - bubs have turned 5weeks on Tuesday and are now slowly taking interest in some solids...what a mess they make! Bathing of these guys is needed every couple of days now until they learn to eat correctly and not walk all through the food! (NO MATTER HOW SMALL THE BOWL IS!) The solids are mixed with kitten formula which is rather sticky so they are all little grubs at the moment - not to mention them starting to toilet themselves  ðŸ˜„

🐱🐱 UPDATE - 14th August, @ 7.5 weeks now  all of the kittens are thriving and doing great...they are all eating well and now toilet trained. Have added another updated photo below!

UPDATE - 16TH August, bubs have had there first vaccination and a complete vet check-up....all passing with flying colors with a clean bill of health! I will be starting to take deposit's on these guys now.



****Please note we are a "closed cattery" for viewing of young unvaccinated kitten's - we pride ourselves in providing new owners with the healthiest, happiest kitten's possible, unnecessary visits helps keep our home, cattery & cats diease & virus free 😊

Fluffy's bubs at 7 weeks.

Fluffy's bubs @ 4weeks!! Aren't they cute...

Fluff's 10 special bubs - a few hours old ❤ Born 21/6/16

Litter born 2nd Jan, pic 4 days old .

New litter just arrived! 11/2/16.

Nicole Ferraro 08.12.2018 04:58

Hi Beverly, we are looking for a new addition to our family and have decided we would very much love a Male Maine Coon. Ideally Silver Tabby. Please advise.

jenn budge 15.11.2016 20:40

Any news on the kittens born in October?
Cheers Jenn

Chris 22.08.2016 21:13

My heart goes out to you losing their beautiful mum. I have handled 5 and how you managed 10 you must be amazing. Would love to adopt one in the future

drew sinclair 20.08.2016 10:45

hi. so sorry to read about mum. i just lost my black burmesse. extremely sad. would love to adopt one of the babies.. beautiful cats....

Sandy 17.08.2016 03:16

Hi,I am so sorry to read about your beautiful cat, we would love to give one of her beautiful babies a home, please let us know if any are still available..

kirstin 16.08.2016 04:10

I hope the babies are going well so sorry to hear

Wendy Lubcke 07.08.2016 12:03

Hi Bev. So sorry to read your sad news about Fluffy. You must have been devastated. Hope everything is going well with the babies . Thinking of you

Garry 14.07.2016 13:37

Wow have your hands full!id love to buy one any colour but male please,if and when ready.thanks,keep up the good work.

Aida 08.06.2016 00:57

They are gorgeous, I am interested in either solid white or black/white. And what is the cost? She will be adored and loved by us. Can we do meet and greet

Lili 05.06.2016 09:14

Hey Bev, just wondering if you will have a female black Bub ready soon? Looking for a one of your beautiful kittens to add to our family.

Wendy Neill 17.03.2016 04:43

Hi Bev, Wendy Neill here :)
My little Willow is 15 months old now and very much the lady of the house!
have you a male kitten ready about mid April?

Steven 06.03.2016 13:30

Hello, I was very interested in one of the dark ginger male kittens?? Would you please be able to email He would be forever loved

Kristy 21.02.2016 05:54

Hi Beverly,
I an interested in purchasing a female pure white kitten if you have any available still. I am located in mount Eliza (Melbourne). Where are you?

linda memery 18.02.2016 08:01

Hi beverly im looking into getting a main coon kitten desex is fine . I would love a pure white one or a grey and white .Would love to visit them.thanks

Amy 15.02.2016 01:29

Hi I am interested in a price for the kittens please. Where in Victoria are located? Thanks Amy

Jaxon Morris 08.02.2016 08:23

Hi Beverly, I emailed last weeks regarding the red kitty are any kittens still available, Thank you Jaxon & Jane

Rosemarie 29.01.2016 11:55

The new kittens are divine. Do the females only have kittens in January? I really would love one but from all the comments they are appear mostly taken already

Ros Beatt 26.01.2016 05:31

Hi Beverly, I am very interested in the kitten in the second set of photos, in the larger photo. Can you please keep me intouch with what goes on thanks.

JUDITH WHITEHOUSE 25.01.2016 13:20

Hi Beverly,
WOW, these beauties have their Lynx Tips already. When will you have Photos of the Boys please?

Jessica 24.01.2016 07:39

Hi Beverly, we are interested in adding a little kitten to our family. Would you be able to advise the price for one of your beautiful kittens?

JUDITH WHITEHOUSE 20.01.2016 17:57

Hi Beverly,

These Babies are so cute and lovely. I guess these beauties are little Girls, as your description said the Boys are Red & Cream

Judith Whitehouse 14.01.2016 10:53

Hi Beverly,

Do you have anymore photos of these beautiful babies? They are gorgeous.

Joanna Weisheim 15.12.2015 13:16

Hi there, do any of your kittens come polydactyl? Looking for a male kitten approx mid next year 2016 and would love to have a Maine coon!

Annamaria Bowen 26.09.2015 00:57

Hello I would love to adopt a kitten can I please get some more information
Kind regards
Anna Bowen

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