Maine Coons kitten's available.




EMAIL   for more info.

Please note...I don't take deposits on young/unborn kitten's or future expected litters. I also don't have waiting list sorry, as I have very limited kittens available. 

 Source number RB101460

 ****Please note we are a "closed cattery" for viewing of young unvaccinated kitten's - we pride ourselves in providing new owners with the healthiest, happiest kitten's possible, unnecessary visits helps keep our home, cattery & cats disease & virus free 😊

I wait until the kitten's are fully vaccinated & recovered from their desexing operation,  then they are place up for adoption. 

Tylor Hudson 29.12.2020 20:47

He's so beautiful has anyone aspired him yet..He'll be divine, beautiful boy❤❤❤❤❤❤

Tylor 24.12.2020 11:07

He's beautiful..

beck 16.10.2020 05:40

Hi, any update regarding new expected litters? I am looking for kitten for birthday present (my house)
You're cats look wonderful and your cattery looks amazing

Cat Mac 28.03.2020 22:49

Hi Beverly,

Is the kitten pictured above still available?


Elizabeth 10.02.2020 06:37

Hi, I’m looking for a kitten, do you give genetic background history and information with them?

austin 05.02.2020 07:44

Hi, can I put my sme down please for the next round of kittens pkease

Jessica 04.02.2020 11:49

Good evening - wondering if you might have kittens available in May 2020?

Bh 08.01.2020 07:51

Hi , just wondering about when will the next kittens available !?

Nadia Smith-Stewart 09.12.2019 13:56

Hi I’m after the impossible I think, I want a MALE BLACK/SMOKE. Or A PLAIN BLUE BUT A PLAIN BLUE ( GREY ). AM OK TO WAIT. My Number is 0433564464, thanks 😊

Jessica Membrey 16.10.2019 08:40

Hi, do you have any kittens available or upcoming? Could I please register my interest. Desperately looking for a Maine coon.
Thanks, Jess 040021689&

Meredith Scott 20.08.2019 08:58

Hi, we are looking for another classic brown tabby boy, can you help? We just lost our baby of 6 and our other boy is grieving along with us.

Marissa Williams 08.08.2019 13:10

Hi Beverley, I am interested in any retiree main coons you have now or in the future. Thanks marissa

Susan Smith 01.07.2019 15:08

Hi BeverleyI am looking for a brown or grey tabby or a smoke boy. I would love to meet any of your new kittens when they are available if possible.

Debbie neville 19.03.2019 06:46

Hi I’m after a blue /gray Maine coon kitten was wondering if you have any available and your location please

Melanie 15.03.2019 09:38

Hi looking for a main coon kitten, please let me know.

steph 14.03.2019 11:29

Hi, I am searching for a mainecoon kitten and am in love with the little tortie in the picture above. Could you please contact me on 0433382232. Thanks Steph

Michelle Amato 08.03.2019 00:28

Hi there, I've email with no reply. I'm looking at making my fur family a little bit bigger with a Coon. Do you have kittens available? Please HELP.

Sharon Lindsay 26.02.2019 10:24

Are you still looking for a new forever home for this beautiful young lady ? We are currently a no pet household but have had cats in the past.

Karina fredericks 09.12.2018 05:59

Hi Bev I've tried texting and calling to no avail .. I'm looking for a baby again and ready .. sincerely karina .. my email is, 0488465573

melanie manno 09.08.2018 00:12

hello Beverley,

Im interested in homing Jerry (jeremiah) the retired malecoon. If he is available please let me know.

robyn kells 06.07.2018 13:18

Hi my name is robyn and l am interested in a main coon kitten my cat just past away after 17 years .

Peter Mach 20.04.2018 21:32

Hi my name is Peter Mach. I am interested in a maincoon kitten for my daughter. She is so keen,& interested. Please call me on 0421494557 & 0421844944.Thanks.

Betheny 12.03.2018 08:14

Hi I'd like some information on how to adopt one of these kittens and what the procedure is? My partner and I would like to be considered if possible

Saber Z 11.03.2018 07:45

Hi Beverly,
i really love the pure white buddy with microchip number 900079000441163. I wonder if he is still available? And i live in Melbourne, thank you!

junnie 10.03.2018 01:24

Hi Beverly,
I'm junnie who emailed you before. I'm interested in the kittten of female - mchip 900079000441161. Could you contact me as soon as possible? Thanks

Melissa 25.02.2018 09:06

Hello Beverly, I’d love to be considered for any of your new babies, please let me know when they are available. I am local in Melbourne, thank you.

Leanne J 19.02.2018 09:27

Re 900079000374345

Dear Beverley , would you please let me know about your lovely black kitten , if still available & your requirements-we live in Black Rock

Jennifer Hoover 19.02.2018 04:19

Hi Beverly,
I just emailed you. I"m interested in the kitten:MALE - available, mchip 900079000441166. Thanks in advance

junnie 16.02.2018 04:06

hi,I'm looking for a solid white maine coon kitten. Could you contact me when you have someone available? Thank you.

Michele Howard 09.01.2018 10:16

Do you ever have black Maine coon kittens

mandi 03.01.2018 08:33

I wrote about a male red kitten and you were going to let me know. Any news yet?

Marian miller 12.11.2017 09:32

Hi I have a Maine Coon and recently lost his companion,she was 16,I am an aged pensioner so would like to know cost..also like to be put on waiting list

Andrea 07.11.2017 02:39

Good afternoon I'm looking for a grey male Maine coon kitten do you have any litters coming soon
Cheers Andrea

Deborah Bradley 02.11.2017 09:33

How do I go about being put on a waiting list for a gorgeous Maine coon? 0409090349

Wendy 30.10.2017 21:54

I'm really keen on a Maine Coon male kitten. Your photos are lovely. I'll keep checking in to see if you have kittens available.

Marlene Claffey 26.10.2017 03:56

Hello, I am very interested in adopting a maine coon female kitten but not until late in 2018. How do I go about getting on your waiting list?
kindest regards

Barb 09.10.2017 02:50

Good afternoon, my Husband and I would like to know when your next litter is 0412 226 615

Tyson Surwillo 26.09.2017 09:28

Hi would love to own a new kitten hope to hear back when available thanks tyson :) 0401501233

Wendy Brundell 07.09.2017 06:15

Could you please advise when there is a up coming litter kind regards

Robert Logan 02.09.2017 05:21

Could you please advise if and when your next litters would be available as my Fiancée and I are very interested in a maincoon.

Antonia 17.08.2017 15:12

Hi Just wondering when your next litter will be?

Sonia Mcphee 14.08.2017 11:53

Hi there, we are looking to purchase a mainecoon, do you still have any available? Kindest regards
Sonia, 0405 323 713

Lyndal baldock 07.08.2017 06:24

Hi I would love some information on kittens for sale thank you in advance

Craig 19.06.2017 13:01

Looking for a retired male or female. I had a main Coon male he was desexed and did not spray is this borking for males , as we live in an apartment . 30.05.2017 12:55

Just would Ike to know what kittens are available . Is this female the grey white and black still for sale !

Eugene Richards 26.05.2017 22:37

Hey there we'd love a big ginger boy kitten. Please let us know if a litter is due with your ginger boy. Cheers!

trish 15.05.2017 01:26

Just wondering if you have any kittens available?
Thank you

Craig moss 11.05.2017 03:26

Hi do you still have any maincoon kittens for sale my ph 0401335732 can you call me please if so thanks

Chris garde 08.05.2017 03:17

Good afternoon I am making enquiries about purchasing a female kitten. I have questions to discover whether this breed will fit into my family of labradoodles .

Kylie 29.04.2017 16:25

I'm wondering if you have any retirees for sale,or any female kittens please

Carmen 25.04.2017 00:26


is this beautiful kitten still available (black smoke-tortie/white)?

James 24.04.2017 23:02

Hi. I've just come across this breed of cat and am now interested in a kitten for my family. Do you have any kittens available and prices please.

Kahla 08.04.2017 23:17

Hi just chasing some info on your kitten that's available now :).. price please :)

Kylie 27.03.2017 12:48

Is she still available? How old is she? And how much?

annette nichols 28.02.2017 01:17

hi interested in purchasing a show nueter if you have any kittens show quality thanks

jan mcmullan 18.01.2017 09:44

Hi I'm interested in your beautiful kitten and would like to dissus a price and colours with you thank you

Frank 13.01.2017 08:31

Hi I'm interested in your beautiful kitten and would like to dissus price etc with you thanks in advance..

Breeana 27.12.2016 08:07

Hi, am wondering if you have any male kittens still available?

Shannon 27.12.2016 05:22

HI Beverly looking for a male white or smokey

Kathee Kelleher-Jones 26.12.2016 04:43

Hi Beverly. We have been looking at your website and would like to know if there are Still kittens available? Kathee

Jeremy 23.12.2016 09:46

Hi Beverly. I'm interested in preferably a female maine coon kitten. If possible I'd like to see some pics of kittens that are available. Thanks

Yvonne 13.12.2016 12:40

Hi, I'm looking for a blue /smoke boy like your gorgeous hank. Please contact me if you have any available, thanks

Galina 11.12.2016 07:27

Hi Beverly, we are looking for male red kitten please. Family of cats lovers.

Jayde 05.12.2016 11:03

Hello, I'm looking for a main coon kitten could you please contact me with further information? Thanks, Jayde

Vivien Vetrone 04.12.2016 13:52

Interested in a beautiful little giant kitten ... Gender not important , just long pointy ears ... Please let me know if you have anything available.

Tylor Hudson 20.10.2016 05:56

Id love a big male in this sane colorings your cats truly are gorgeous xo

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