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Written by Verity Roberts on 15. Jul, 2015

Thought you would like to be Abby, she is 2 1/2yrs old now and so active and beautiful and BIG.



Written by Jodie & Cameron on 11. Jun, 2015

Hi Bev!
Our Willow (from Jerry and Fluffy) is the most affectionate and stunning girl! Everyone wants to take her home with them! She's absolutely huge already and only 7 months old today! Thank you again Bev! Would love to add another to the family in the future!
Jodie and Cameron, Brisbane.



Written by Mitch n Jo on 26. May, 2015

Hi. Mitch and Jo from Brisbane.
Our kittens are growing so strongly. We have had to manufacture cat toys and scratching posts for them as the available products are not strong enough. They have the best personalities



Written by Wendy Neill on 25. Apr, 2015

Hi Bev :)
Just a little note to tell you that Willow is going beautifully and she has doubled in size in a fortnight I think! She was shy to start with but not now, just beautiful. I would love a silver male. Are you having any new litters this year?



Written by Emma Guest on 10. Feb, 2015

Hi Bev,

Here is my boy Beau :)
I can't thank you enough for this beautiful boy, he's such an awesome cat couldn't be happier!
He's grown into such an affectionate, friendly and talkative kitty! oh and BIG kitty!
Beau love's playing fetch with his toys, chilling with the dog and cat but most of all loves cuddles in bed haha..
Thanks again Bev, i'd love to add another one of your beautiful coons to the family in the future :)



Written by Rob and Heather on 6. Feb, 2015

Thor's sister Siggy. She is a character, and brings so much happiness to the house. She's a tomboy and she just loves cuddles and pats. We are hoping to add another boy this year!



Written by Rob and Heather on 6. Feb, 2015

Our beautiful boy Thor, such an intelligent healthy and happy Maine Coon. He has the most gorgeous tail and gigantic paws, he's just perfect.



Studying hard with mum

Written by Shelly on 10. Dec, 2014

Hi Bev

We have our beautiful boy who has just turned 2 and is almost as big as our staffy. He has the best personality and likes to think he rules the house.
He is definitely a well loved member of our family



Written by Carley Tilgner on 18. Nov, 2014

This is Tyrion at one year old and weighing 8 kilos. He is just the most beautiful kitten. Loves everything and everyone. Loves walking on the led and harness. He has a ball with the other cats.
You do such a great job definitely be back in the future.



Written by Melinda Preston on 4. Sep, 2014

Hi Bev!!
Its been a little while now and all the boys are doing so well. Oliver is a very impressive boy at 1yr and 3mths, he is a solid 8kg with beautiful the size of his tuffts! His two little brothers (7mths), Winter and Archer have settled in beautifully. They have so many dog like traits, with the new one being- missing whole toilet rolls, stollen from the toilet and shredded on the lounge floor haha. They are very entertaining and wonderful companions. You do such a great job Bev and you'll see me back in the future (I hope) Take care



Not in the servant's arms again - where's my throne

Written by Lia on 30. Jul, 2014

Hi Bev, Kimba is now 1yr and 4 months, nearly weighs 8kg, and of course is boss of the house, in a nice way. You knew what he was going to be like when we picked him up. We play chasey all the time, he loves to hide and jump on us, and he talks all the time, absolutely adore our baby.



Written by Maureen Bentley on 1. Jun, 2014

My three Mainecoon boys Prince, Willy and Harry love them lots <3 <3 <3



Written by Dave Robinson on 1. Jun, 2014

Hello Bev and Family thought we would check in with Ragnar, he's 14 months old now and larger than life. He's a big softie since we have had him he has woken me up every morning by jumping on my chest and waiting for a stroke and a scratch.
He's great with the kids and has such a great nature we love him loads thanks again for giving us such a great cat.



Written by Tracey Scott on 27. May, 2014

We have just adopted one of your little girls, Cooncastle Melancholy Blues aka Fawn. She is only new to our family and we love her to bits



Written by Kirsten on 17. May, 2014

Amber is just over a year old now and she's my baby :) We love her so much. She has an obession with straws and will steal them from your mouth or your drink if left unattended. She fetches too and wants to play allllll the time. She gets along well with our other cat Sox, and he is much happier with her there. Thanks Bev :)



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