Planned matings.

Hopeful planned matings for 2017.❀❀❀

Debbie Wright 14.07.2022 08:43

I would be very interested in purchasing a kitten from you. Crystal Elford speaks very highly of your kittens and yourself. I

Jean 30.08.2020 10:12

Hi I am looking for a black or grey smoke kitten, either boy or girl. I have a Maine coon kitten, looking for a companion! Thanks!

Eugene Richards 25.05.2020 23:12

Hey Beverly we are looking for a kitten as company for our other maine coon boy. Please let us know of any upcoming litters. We would love a Ginger. Cheers!

Adam Nudelman 22.04.2020 01:24

Dear Beverly

Hope alls well. My 9 y/o son and i, (cat lovers) have long wanted to add a Maine Coon friend to our home.We are not fussed about colour or sex.Ta

Melissa Branson 26.11.2019 06:45

Hi Beverly, We are very interested in finding a Maine Coon kitten. We’d love a smoke, or solid blue B or G. When is your next litter available? Thanks heaps Mel

Avril Ambrose 26.04.2019 02:44

Hi Beverly, We are looking for a pet female beautiful blue or black smoke Maine Coon kitten or equally happy with a sliver grey tabby. Thanks, Avril

Wendy Neill 15.01.2019 04:29

Hi Bev, it’s Wendy Neill here, I bought gorgeous Willow,from you about three years ago. Is the little boy pictured under the ginger pussy available and how much

Danielle 13.12.2018 10:10

Hi, we are looking for a male MC, black/smoke. Kitten or cat. We are in country NSW. lots of space. Happy to go on wait list. Thanks

Tanya 01.12.2018 12:44

Hi - I’m interested in a new female Maine Coon to provide some company to my 13 year-old one. I sent you an email, too. I don’t have strong colour preferences.

Sella 14.11.2018 05:20

Hi, my partner and I have recently moved to our own place and would love to have a male kitten. Having grown up with cats, we are looking to complete our family

Vin Ne 14.11.2018 01:34

Hi there. I was wondering if there is still room on your waiting list. I would love to have a Male Red and White kitten. Thanks, Vinne

lee smith 12.11.2018 19:41

Would you please put me on your list for a Male Kitten Black/Smoke. Ms Lee Smith, Brisbane

Vicky Thomson 25.10.2018 06:18

I am looking for a female kitten for my daughters 16th Birthday. We are happy to look at whatever you have available as long as she will be big and cuddley.

Kate Seymour 20.10.2018 06:55

Hi. I am interested in being put on a wait list for a male kitten, tabby,silver or smoke. This is a 50 th present from my husband.

Laura 02.09.2018 08:29

Hello, I’m looking to get a Maine coon kitten, could you please help me? How does the process work?And is their a future litter planned?

heather mcbain 03.07.2018 08:09

very interested in a black smoke male would like to be put on a list or notify me when you have one thanks

Michelle Sterling 20.06.2018 03:36

I am looking for a male kitten to replace the massive hole left in our lives after our amazing Maine Coon Cosmo died. Thank you :) Melbourne

Mona 24.03.2018 09:29

I like to be put on waiting list for maine coon male plez silver black to a very a very loveing home to be add as as a fur baby thanx

Karen Wall 05.03.2018 10:28

Hi , new to the Maine Coon Breed but have had cats my whole life,I would love to be put on your waiting list for a Male kitten,I currently have a female Ragdoll

Toni-Lee 10.01.2018 10:47

Hi there, hoping to find a grey & white tabby boy... My MC, MozCat, is 9yrs old (Icecoons Ormington). Love to be on a wait list if you think you'll have a grey?

liz paice 11.12.2017 07:26

would love to be put on your waiting list please, would love a female !! thanks Liz

Jess 28.11.2017 07:03

I would like to go on a waiting list preferably a male, loving home.
Thanks, Jess

Alex 25.10.2017 12:53

Hello, I would really love it if I could be put on the waiting list for future kitten, preferably female Black or Brown, loving family home, Regards Alex

Pattison 09.10.2017 00:22

Love the look of you top two cats.
Happy to wait a year+ if need be, as have old boy of 17 yo.

Jane 08.10.2017 12:56

Hi i would love to add a black smokey boy to my family. We are a large lively family and homeowners from Blackstone Qld. Please consider us

Julie-Anne Baker 16.09.2017 13:05

Hello, I'm wondering how we go about getting on a waiting list for a beautiful baby. Will gladly be awaiting your reply. Many thanks Julie.

Belinda Brooks 26.08.2017 15:06

Hello, I'm very interested in getting one of your future kittens. I have always admired this breed. Thanks!

Wendy 19.08.2017 00:20

I love these kitties! I wish to adopt a red male and my son wishes for a cat with different coloured eyes. Maybe I need to get 2 kittens. Can't be greedy :)

Karen 17.08.2017 22:12

I would love to put my name down for a male from Marnie and Phantom's litter
I have beautiful Mishka (my name) from Jerry and Gabbie she is 5yrs now

Karen Jones 15.08.2017 01:23

Hi, I am after a Kitten to join our fanily. Can you please let me know when you have something available ( male or female is fine)

Koy 23.07.2017 11:24

Hi hope you doing well. I'm after a smoky/black kitten like Hank or Amelia. I would love to be put on a waiting list of Hank's and Amelia litter. Please advise

Robyn 17.07.2017 05:41

I'm interested in buying a gorgeous male Coon early next year

Vanessa - elevage vandoll 13.06.2017 14:38

Hi, i need a black smoke girl with breeding quality... can you add me to your waiting list?

Jason 09.06.2017 10:01

I'm after a black or grey female can you let me no please

Brad... 03.06.2017 14:04

Hi Beverly ,Very Popular...I would love to be put onto the waiting list of Amelia's and Hank's litter...Looking for a Black or Smokey Grey Male(Like Hank)ThankU

Angela williams 30.05.2017 12:58

Please let me know when there's a litter with the tortoiseshell and grey mainecoon . Really means something to me if these kittens come through . Will buy 2

angela williams 14.06.2017 07:11

When do you think these little ones would be due? I'm happy to wait as I'm still getting over the death of my 2 20 yr old Russian blue cats .

Cate Donnan 30.05.2017 02:38

Hi very interested in maine coon kitten ginger or grey blue. Understand care as had NFC and miss him - could you email me on future litters ASAP many thanks

Fiona May 22.05.2017 01:27

i have been looking for a boy as a family pet, please let me know if you have any available and or when the next litter may be expected. please advise.

Sia Nicks 18.05.2017 13:33

Wondering if u have any kittens on offer ATM?
I live in Melbourne and have a georgeous Maincoon
wanting to add to our family.
Thanks in advance :)

Marnee jeffs 18.05.2017 11:38

I'd love to be put on the waiting list for one of your lovely Maine coons as a family pet. Pls advise if u need a deposit and this will be arranged.

Christine Stokes 06.05.2017 23:16

what is the price of your kittens, I would like a male and a female from different litters for breeding.

Coby 30.04.2017 10:41

I am taken with the idea of Marnie and Phantom kittens - but all of these cats are just stunning!

Jet overgaauw 27.04.2017 09:48

Those top two will make stunning offspring.

Carmen 24.04.2017 08:16

i am interested in a black smoke, blue smoke female Kitten for breeding. Please cut you put me on your waiting list :)). Thank you.

Matt 24.04.2017 06:33

We would love a big handsome smokey motled boy if one becomes available, would like to be on you waiting list please.

Shauna 15.04.2017 11:26

Hello, I am interested in a Maine coon kitten could you please let me know if you have any available or when your next litter will be please and also cost plea.

Renee Brady 06.04.2017 11:03

Hello, we are very interested in a black /smokey male if we can please be put on a waiting list - happy to make a deposit or something, thank you :)

Renee Brady 06.04.2017 11:10

We are a family of 5, 1 - 8 year old and twins who are 4. We live on property in a small town near Traralgon :)

Renee Brady 06.04.2017 11:05

A Maine coon I forgot to add :)

Sarah 06.04.2017 07:11

Hello, we would like to be put on the waiting list for Ginger, or Ginger/White, and also Black Smoke female kittens, please.

Lynne 05.04.2017 06:06

I would love a female black smokie and would love to be put on the waiting list :)

Natalie 23.03.2017 03:20

I am very interested in a female maincoon, prefer a kitten. Are you able to tell me when you have any? my name is Natalie and my number is 0402243613.

Alinta 14.03.2017 10:05

Hello I would love to be on a waiting list please for the next available litter thank you

Kayleen Head 11.03.2017 05:59

Do you have any available female kittens? If so, are you able to share some photos?
Look forward to your reply.

Natasha cullinan 28.02.2017 10:18

I would like to place my name down for a male black smoke on your waiting list.

Paula Davidson 27.02.2017 11:09

Hi there! My husband and I are hoping for a solid black or black smoke solid boy. Could you please add us to your wait list for future litters?

Kimberly McKenna 25.02.2017 23:54

Hello! We're very interested in getting a kitten from your pairings. Could you please add me to your waiting list for future litters? Thank you:) Kim & Yulie

Cooper 11.02.2017 07:43

Hi Beverly! Very interested in a male kitten please message me back regarding adoption costs Thankyou

TONI 09.02.2017 05:49

Hi Beverly, could you please add me to your waiting list for a boy? Your cats are just beautiful. Thank you!

Richard 28.01.2017 20:49

Hi there Beverly,
We are also interested in a kitten if you could add us to your popular waiting list. Thanks Richard & Justine

Rosemarie 24.01.2017 06:20

Dear Beverley I would like a female Maine Coon. Will I be notified when a litter becomes due? Are there any adult females ever available? With thanks Rosemar

Carly 22.01.2017 23:05

Hi, I would love a female and would also love to be on a waiting list. Love the dark grey gorgeous cat.

Patricia 22.01.2017 02:20

Hi Beverly,
We are interested in a male kitten and would like to be added to your waiting list for the first pairing of cats.

Thanks, Patricia

Bernadette 21.01.2017 08:01

We are interested in a kitten if you could add us to your waiting list. Thanks

Matt Harsley 11.01.2017 03:40

Interested in a kitten in 2017. Thanks

Jessica 30.12.2016 06:43

I'm interested in a kitten from one of the first pairing :)

Sally 29.12.2016 09:23

I'm just wondering what price you sell your kittens for and would be interested in a kitten from the first 2 cats, they are gorgeous

Lorraine 11.12.2016 08:53

Hi there my name's Lorraine and I'm interested in a kitten from the first two you are planning to mate

Ellen 03.12.2016 23:29

We have a 9 week cross and love her. Interested in a kitten in 2017 please.

Yvette 03.12.2016 08:03

Looking forward to learning more about these beautiful cats

Susan Boatfield 02.12.2016 11:20

Is there any differences in temperament between male and female?

Jane Begolo-Wyatt 01.12.2016 18:18

They are all so gorgeous <3
Look forward to seeing 2017 babies

Brian Soall 27.11.2016 02:52

Hi Karen & I are looking for a Maine coon kitten just wondering if and when you have some available?
Kind Regards

Michelle 22.11.2016 03:25

Really interested in a kitten. We bought one from you a few years ago and are desperate for another.

Sara Brown 15.11.2016 22:14

When would the kittens be available in 2017? Love the colours of the first couple, I'm hoping to get a male with grey colouring one day. Can you let me know.

Donna Richmond 23.10.2016 03:38

Hello... we are so very keen to have a male kitten to join our family... looking forward to hearing any news. X donna richmond

Tylor Hudson 20.10.2016 06:19

Just Tylor Hudson once again I forgot to say I'd love the biggest boy in the litter so I have him to protect my nights as I sleep (I just want a large male cat)

donna smallwood 15.10.2016 23:13

hi would like to know when you have kittens for sale

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